I have had little time to make my early template model for the Gilgamesh character. This is a template model that I will be using to finalize her. At this point I have not pushed the features much since I am mainly worried about the general feeling and the topology of the model. We will probably create multiple versions of her to test out different styles that is why it is very important that our template model is extensible. At this point the model needs some anatomical corrections, some fixes since it is an early progress model. But I am not worried about them much now.We will have some time to fix them later.

As you can see my base mesh does not have any topological concerns, things like edge loops are not pronounced in the model mainly because those kinds of concerns would limit your workflow and might get in the way especially during sculpting and testing out proportions. It is always best to start out loose and slowly build up along the way.  What is very important is the looseness and lightness of the model. Once we have a satisfying looks we can always find many different ways to transfer all the details  and structures over other models.  Blender offer variety of them.

  1. nice post kursad! this makes you officially the first team-member outside of MA to post 🙂
    nice work too 😉

  2. That’s super nice. Can’t wait to start giving life to this.

    My Crunch period is almost done. I’m actually doing a test with the roach. I’ve made some studies on their attitude and those things are really interesting 😀

    I’ll post something really soon…

  3. Thanks guys. I will keep the blog updated when I have something new. Hopefully the next version will have a version with better features and some fixes like ears and nose.

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