There’s a remote, but non zero chance, that we’ll be able to pull off other denizens of the subway for certain shots in the movie. Thinking about design got me wanting *not* to have other characters with ‘gilgaportions’ but maybe populating the world with stylised characters that have their own uniqueness and could fit into her world. My first little attempt is drawing some basic silhouettes next to hers:

  1. bo :

    Niqab woman with a christ necklace.. what’s the meaning behind that if I may ask ?

  2. she’s a Unitarian

  3. redo :

    kinda like ’em….
    want some drawings? =)
    I would love to… in my new Wacom


  4. hey redo! I was actually thinking of you when I drew the guy on the left airguitaring with a skateboard )

  5. me likes a lot!

  6. Hello! This is great! Can I help with the modeling?

  7. Thanks Bruno! yes, of course! we’ve got more detailed concepts coming in from some better artists than me 🙂

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