Today at, an article on the Top 3 Linux video editors reminds me that Libre Graphics World called Bassam “one of the most eloquent evangelists of Blender’s video sequencer” for his occasional talks about Blender’s stealth role as a general purpose video editor. And I saw that somehow we never linked the demo from URCHN!

His 2009 talk from Libre Graphics Meeting, Video Editing with Blender for non 3D artists, using examples from real projects still works as a good introduction, despite the many evolutions of Blender since.


  1. I’ve always been a big fan and an avid user of Blender’s VSE. It simply does what I want it to do, and therefore no reason to use other apps, as of this moment though. 😉

    But wow, this video feels so nostalgic. Blender, of course, has immensely improved its VSE since then. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Fateh!


  2. Speaking of nostalgia, I’ve got another one for you soon…

  3. […] very present around internet, since the first open movie project, in which is been delevoped a new video sequencer (for blender) to edit the whole final video. The last news from Apertus community describes an […]

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