Just a quickie post; the copy menu script is now in bf_extensions SVN on blender.org. Some updates: It can now copy Vertex weights by index and it can also copy mass ( a request on this log) thanks to Fabian Fricke. I’ve also updated it to work with current SVN, which means… yes, it won’t work with Blender 2.53 beta anymore. It’s a fast paced Blender we live in! I’ll try to make it work in both soon, but no promises.

  1. Randall Rickert :

    Hi Bassam!

    Great script! Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem to work with current SVN. When I invoke Copy -> Location, for example, the blender executable prints “invalid operator call OBJECT_OT_copy_OBJ_LOC”. Same thing if I call bpy.ops.object.copy_OBJ_LOC() directly from 2.5’s built-in Python console. Bummer.

  2. hey Randall 🙂 , I’ll check it and update; python api changes almost daily and we have to scramble here to update the (10? 20?) or so scripts we use to work with it. I tested yerterday to verify the menus work (they kinda do, though registering/unregistering them seems to be an issue), but didn’t test actual functionality.

  3. Randall Rickert :

    Yes, it looks like those copy_OBJ_*** methods were just removed from the API.

    Thanks for sharing the scripts you’re developing in the studio. Good stuff!

  4. I think we have a fix, Randall: the copy_OBJ methods are actually part of the script, not blender, and they are autogenerated. previous versions of the api used register functions to make them available, while now register doesn’t work, but becuase they are autogenerated , the operators aren’t really available.
    So far the only way I figured out to make them work is to unregister then register them again, I’ll post a version with this hack later today, then see if I can find a ‘right’ way to do it.

  5. OK Randall, the fix is in SVN, will work with current blender I hope (I tested it on a 2 day old copy, so if not, let me know here 🙂 )

  6. Randall Rickert :

    I don’t know how I missed that those methods were defined in the script! Not enough sleep I guess.

    I see now that the register() function in the new version registers the ops, unregisters the popups, then registers the popups.

    In my blender build (from yesterday’s SVN), the script works if I remove those new unregister calls in the register() function (lines 363-364). It seems strange that you would first have to unregister the popups before registering them. Maybe you have another add-on installed (like an older version of the script) that is competing with this one and has already registered a different VIEW3D_MT_copypopup?


  7. Francisco Ortiz :

    Hi Guys thank you so much for the script! Unfortunately the link is currently down.



  8. Hi Francisco, thanks for letting us know–I’ll try to figure out what’s happening. We are in the midst of a site redesign, with one goal being to make things easier to store and find. Keep an eye out for it! -F

  9. Francisco, this script now ships with Blender! just go to the add-on in preferences, and you can enable it. No need to download/install from anywhere 🙂

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