The Tube Project’s Team wants to share with the community an video that show how is the life at the Nerdodrome and at Northampton. We are very happy working here toghether and we’re sure that you will figured that out after seeing the video!
So, that’s it! Check the video and make a comment!

We had a issue with the soundtrack of the video, in the first version I put a song without taking care about the copyright and license of it. So Fateh advice me that I should try to look for copyleft music on the internet, and I must say that it’s wasn’t an easy task!, but in the way to find the song we found a lot of sites and resources related to free music or copyleft music.
Here’s a few links that we want share!:
sounds, loops, effects and more:
And again, thanks to The Art Punk Band to share the song that we use in the video.

Also we must say that all the video was edited in the blender 2.5 sequence editor.

Seems to be problems with Live Streaming so, here’s the link to download the video in .ogg format (Ogg/Theora). Only 4.2mb.


  1. Well, looks like it’s being fun, which is without a doubt the first and most important feature needed in a

  2. (damn I pressed enter) […]ny big project like this one Good luck to everyone there!

  3. Ok, I go to Croatia for one weekend and that’s what you do!? get back to work!!

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