Hi folks, looks like I have some news! first of all, I’ll be teaching two Blender workshops at the always excellent Tosmi ( Training in Open Source Multimedia Instruments) The first Course (Oct 31st-Nov 5th)  will be co-taught by the excellent Miroslav Brozovic (freelancer, instructor and Croatian Blender community organizer) , while the second (Nov 7-12)will be co-taught by the well known Sebastian Koenig, well known for his many tutorials and work with camera tracking. Going from past experience, it will be an extremely intensive and fun. For more information, or to sign up for the courses, head over to tosmi.org .


  The second bit of news is that I will be attending Blender conference Oct 28-30! This was a little bit of a last minute final decision (I changed my mind a few times) but I’ll be there. Looking forward to meeting Tube artists ( Tal Hershkovitch will be giving a talk about using the G.E. for crowd shots) and all the other Blenderfriends 🙂

  1. nelson :

    dates for tosmi are really close to blender conference 🙁
    But I’ll see you in amsterdam 🙂

  2. Milad Thaha :

    Wish I go could. Probably another time when I can afford it 🙁

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