Please view the following and report any bugs πŸ˜‰ – I’m testing the html <video> element with a fallback for older browsers. This should work on the latest betas for safari and firefox; those of you on those browsers, please test and tell me if it works, for all other browsers we have our normal flash player.

some issues: I’m unable to see the “poster” image for the video element in firefox, anyone can tell me if I did it wrong?

  1. The poster is unable to see, but the video works fine:

    On firefox 3.5 beta4 works fine
    On firefox 3.0.10 works fine

    Tested on UbuntuStudio Jaunty 9.04

  2. hmm. I’ve tried it with firefox 3.0.10 in ubuntu 8.04. I only see the flash video…

  3. I get native video in Firefox 3.5b4 and Safari 3.2.1 on MacOS X, and the flash fallback in Songbird. Safari is a bit sluggish when loading.

    I get the poster frame on Safari, but not Firefox, but other pages where the poster used to show don’t anymore, so maybe that’s a bug in the current release.

    Cool test!

  4. looks good to me on safari 4 beta – plays as a quicktime.

  5. Ubuntu 64bits 9.10
    Firefox 3.0.1
    all ok πŸ™‚

  6. by all ok I mean: “video works fine under firefox and epiphany”. not sure what “poster” image is… that probably means that I’m not seeing it either πŸ™‚

  7. thanks for testing folks! looks like the video element is a go, (minus the poster problem with firefox 3.5 beta4) but I’m sure that’ll get fixed.
    I’ll go ahead and convert the rest of the vids on this site (only the teaser so far).

    ps: poster is a still image that is seen before the video starts playing. in all browsers other than firefox 3.5 beta you get to see something, in ff3.5 it’s just blank.

    pss: any way to get a ‘play fullscreen’ button in video elements?

  8. Ikoichi :

    SO: Ubuntu 9.04 64bit
    Browser: Firefox 3.0.10 works well.
    Browser: Epiphany works well.
    Browser: Opera 9.64 works well.

    I can see the poster image. I hope there is no sound because I don’t hear it πŸ™‚
    I am sure that I’m seeing the flv, not the ogg or mp4 videos.
    I will try on FF 3.5b4

  9. Ikoichi :

    From FF3.5b4, video works well, but I can’t see the poster image.
    The player buttons changed, so I think the ogg video is playing πŸ™‚

  10. yup, there is no sound to the video, would have been just us talking to the bugs πŸ˜‰
    thanks, I’m pretty sure it’s ok to use the video element, now I see it’s working in all browsers. the lack of poster image in firefox 3.5b4 seems like a bug that would get fixed in time.

  11. update: I see poster image (both firefox and epiphany) and have a full screen button (right side) working also.
    no sound.

  12. Yeah, sadly no fullscreen button for the native playback yet. For firefox it will probably happen for the release after 3.5.

    Hacking something up for video-only isn’t hard, but doing it properly with overlays from html and everything cross-platform is some work.

  13. Firefox 3.5 does not yet support the poster attribute. It’s due to be implemented for a release after that. See bug 449156:

  14. Aha, poster stuff is also scheduled for after 3.5.

    In the meantime, the recommendation is to have something useful in the first frame of your video, since firefox is using that instead. Or implement it yourself in javascript.

  15. That bug rig looks awesome πŸ™‚

  16. hey guys, thanks again. having a first frame with meaningful stuff works for me, especially for the teaser (for now the only video in the media gallery)
    oh, and thanks jakub! working on it right now (well, I’m ‘meta’ working on it- second version of my auto-rig/rig-retargeting work work)

  17. oh yeah, expect that the teaser video will be in

  18. Kinduun :

    Opera plays the video fine.

  19. @bassam

    Fullscreen video in Firefox should already be possible with a bookmarklet:

    Of course it would be better if Firefox offered this out of the box. The bug is reported here:

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