Well, it’s been a hectic week here, going from nothing to something in no time has been fun. We’re still working till the last minute on a 40 second teaser (was planned for 30, but… ). It’s a bit of a challenge since we didn’t have anything textured, don’t even have concepts for some key parts of the movie, let alone models.. nevertheless we’ve pulled together an animatic with a few shots from the film, and are now rapidly animating, texturing, modelling, lighting, and comping.
Kursad volunteered to do quick textures for the cockroach- this is fast work and not up to his usual quality standards (but great work nonetheless). Kursad uses Modo and Zbrush quite a bit, as well as Blender- it could be an interesting side-effect of this work to create documentation about integrating Blender into other pipelines, in terms of import/export, applying modifiers and copying texture maps and weights.
The animatic was made this monday, and since then I’ve populated SVN with shots from the animatic, complete with basic camera layouts for detailing. Now it’s (just!) a matter of pushing things through to completion.
Jarred and I have spent some fun times walking around, examining the material properties of concrete and rusted metal, and snapping lots of texture-shots. He’s busy gimping and projection-painting away, making everything look generally awesome
Jamal is modelling details (wires, lights, signals, etc.), you’ll see his work in most shots of the animatic.
Gianmichelle is animating a nice character animation shot.
Thomas is getting together sfx for the soundtrack.
There’s still final animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, sound track and music to do, as well as the final edit… so back to work for me.

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  1. LoMac :

    It’s coming along nicely. I have a feeling this is going to be a favorite of mine. I check your site every day for updates. keep up good works.

  2. sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Im looking forward to watch the tease-trailer!

    Best wishes!

  3. Theriddle :

    Hello!I’m a blender not-professional animator from Italy.
    I’m following Blender since two years.but I’ve seen Elephant dream 7 times!!
    And now,every day,when I’m already sleepy,I switch on my computer and the first thing I do is watching this blog!!!!
    I’m so shy,but now I MUST WRITE ON THIS BLOG and scream in every language I know “Bassam and his ideas are so good”
    I’m talking about this project with every friend of mine,and i’m attending this enchanting movie so much!!!!

    Please exscuse me for this bad(very ugly)english,but I wanted to write here and show all the tube-team,how enchanting(i hope and i know)is the world you are going to create….

    W TUBE and Bassam and….I want to see the teaser!!!!

  4. Is awesome work waht you do..!


    More comming!

  5. hey, thanks folks! and thanks for your nice words, Theriddle 🙂 I hope we can live up to your expectations !
    Redo!!! if it’s awesome it’s only thanks to your concept art!!! you da man!

  6. […] teaser for a teaser 😉 : http://tube.freefac.org/post/teaser-progress […]

  7. It’s so good to know this notice. I follow TUBE from the begining.

    I don’t like to see trailers or read synopsis of a good movie. I prefer to see the final work, after that, I see the trailer or the read synopsis… Yeah, in order to be surprised, to be more deep and real in that dimension… is a good way to see movies 🙂

    Best wishes

  8. It’s great to see that people are actually following our progress. It’s so much fun to work on this project, and we’re all learning so much. Please everyone comment more! The more feedback we get, the more inspired we feel to post. Does anyone have any questions or things they’d like to see posted on the blog?

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