On Thursday, March 25th at 5:30 we’ll give a presentation at the Hampshire GLUG (GNU Linux User Group) in the East Lecture Hall on campus. We’ll screen the teaser and Elephants Dream, talk about Open Movie projects, about the CG Incubator Space and Tube. I plan on showing images and video from the production (including sikrit unreleased stuff!!!! )

Being me, I’ll probably end up spending some or most of the time showing some Blender 2.5 goodies, especially where they affect our production- so those interested in using Blender for their own work, or users of older versions who haven’t made the switch and want a first time look might enjoy.

If you live close by, please come, the event is open to all (not just members of the glug) and we even have free food, provided by Fresh Side Cafe in Amherst.

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