Calling all students (18+), recent graduates, and professionals wanting to ply their 3D skills in libre software:

Applications are open to join Bassam’s team this summer for the ‘Tube’ production, hosted by the very cool Bit Films Animation Incubator at Hampshire College, Massachusetts.

Helmed by Chris Perry, formerly of Pixar and Rhythm & Hues, the program draws together a number of interesting projects and a lot of talent, so although the internships are unpaid, it promises to be a very stimulating and fruitful space.

For applicants to Tube, there is a possibility that housing can be offered.

The official internship period runs from Tuesday May 31, 2011 through Friday August 26, 2011. Applications are due (via email) no later than Monday May 16, 2011 at 5pm (EDT). We understand that this is short lead time for those needing to make visa and travel arrangements. Because the project is ongoing, the internship period is flexible; if in doubt, apply!

Although it may not provide as immersive an experience, we are open to considering applicants to a remote internship. Remote interns would join the already global team using our web-based project management software, SVN, and IRC.

Please read *carefully* the open positions announcement and FAQ! Have more questions? Email fateh [at] freefac [dot] org.

  1. Man, I really wish you guys would post these a bit earlier. I’ve already nabbed an internship, but I really would have liked to have known about this in time.

    Good luck though, the production’s looking great.

  2. Hi Brandon! sorry about that, we’ve been trying to push it earlier, but just so you know, there will be a fall internship call as well – possibly the final one!

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