Calling all students (18+) and recent graduates:

This summer, Bassam will be working on Tube as a visiting artist in BitFilms’ very cool new collaborative studio program. We are not yet legally allowed to reveal its site, so must offer only the clue that BitFilms exists “at the intersection of industry and academia”, somewhere in the midst of Amherst and Northampton (Massachusetts).

The BitFilms studio will host several interesting projects and a lot of talent, so although the internships are unpaid, it promises to be a very stimulating and fruitful space. Please note that since this was a sudden development, time is short to apply. Intern applications are due (via email) no later than Tuesday, 19 May at 5pm (EDT).

From the FAQ: Interns will get to work on cutting-edge non-commercial graphics and animation projects under the mentorship of professionals in the field. Interns will have access to a fully-equipped workstation and substantial computer animation production infrastructure. Interns will receive a signed, written evaluation from their supervisor(s) at the end of the internship period acknowledging their contributions, as well as a credit in each final production they worked on.

More information at BitFilms, internship link at top. Still have questions? Comment!

  1. This is starting to look more and more like a blender institute project, with a team gathering physically. Was this already planned at the start of the project (not necessarily at BitFilms), or did this opportunity appear recently? Because when I read the introduction posts I thought the project was exclusively going to use internet communication. Either way, very interesting. Especially this bit on the linked page:

    FX Research and Design TD (Tube)
    Transformation sequences involve a person growing/mutating and merging into a subway station.

  2. hey crouch, no this wasn’t planned at the beginning exactly, but we are trying ways of pushing this project along in a more ‘standard’ setting where we can.
    So the general framework of BI projects is ‘core team, with occasional internet contribution’ while ours is ‘internet team, with occasional in-studio sessions/periods’

    At some point we are going to begin a fund drive, the purpose of which is to get some ‘sprints’ funded so we can have some portion of the team working in the same place for short periods, either to solve specifically difficult problems, or to accelerate the process.

    Hehe, yeah, that is going to be (imo) the most fun part of the project.

  3. Iconoclast :

    Yeah, it’s a shame I’m not a student. Congrats to those who win, it’ll be a good learning experience,

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