Even though tube is not a ‘traditional’ narrative, there are elements of narrative in it – themes, structure, character, etc.
It’s of a high importance that everything comes through and works; that the audience can care about the character, that the themes are not so deeply buried that they are completely opaque, and that the flow of events is graspable.

The current animatic suggests to me that viewers unfamiliar with the epic tube is based on are going to be too challenged to piece together the narrative structure, and might end up feeling left out. Having such an epic work to base on allowed us to make great visual ‘flights of fancy’ unfettered by a traditional stucture, but I think that we must do both- have a great visual piece and still engage ‘cold’ viewers in the character and theme.

The good news is that this is the best time to do story changes: production has not begun yet and changes are practically free (they will become increasingly more expensive once we get into production). So now is the time to get radical. Nothing is sacred. Everything is permitted.

  1. I kind like stories that do challenge me 🙂
    I’ve personally enjoyed the Elephants Dream more and more, each time I saw it. But I do agree in every point you made… When a story is open to too much interpretations, there’s a chance that no one will interpret it like we intended to 😛

  2. Meltdown :

    Good to know the story nothing is done yet!

    I found that Ton made a mistake by having closed the “theme” for Durian in May before the team was formed.

    Anyway, Tube’s looking more exciting!

    ofcourse, i wish the best to Durian project 🙂

  3. Meltdown :

    Did you censor my previous msg? Why?

    Please reply on my email.

  4. Hi guys, thanks rogper, that means a lot :). Don’t worry, tube will be plenty challenging, we’re just working on making things the best we can before production begins- I’d rather lock everything down then.
    Meltdown some things are done! We have actually done 3 animatics (very incomplete, partially complete and complete) and started on a modif of the last. Plus we have some assets and models made, and even some ‘for sure’ shots.
    But yes, we are still improving the story. Some nice new things happened recently, and we hope to get more before production begins.
    Sorry about the lateness, posts by new users stay in moderation until somebody notices there are new comments , sometimes we don’t notice right away.

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