Hey folks!
We’re working on principal character animation currently, but as I look forward, I see the need for simulation coming up, we currently have a load of papers, some being manipulated by the main character, some floating around. She’s also got clothes, and hair.
Some of this can be animated, indeed, I’ve already animated the paper in several shots, but some of it could be simmed, and furthermore, we might find a way to combine the two.
Paradoxically, producing good results with simulation tools requires lots of expert time! Parameters are not always intuitive, and usually require feedback and re-tweaking, and set-ups that allow linking/combining sim and animation are hard to do.
So here’s an official shout out call for expert simulators (not dissimulators ) to come join the team.
You can email or just reply in the comments if you’re interested.

  1. These last months I’ve been using a tedious combination of particles, rigid bodies and keyframed animation to do a laborious long shot cave in scene simulation… although I managed to get an “it will do” result, I’m far from being an expert 🙂 most of the layers are already rendered but I still don’t have them composed, because it’s still missing the character animation.

    I think you will get a much better candidate then me so I just leave you guys with my anti-stress doll flick, that was made on a Saturday, for some laughs 😉

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