With impeccable timing, our main production server decided to go to sleep last night. For now, this means no SVN, Helga, file sharing or rendering… it is a dark time for the project.
Luckily we have Chris taking care of us, he’ll take a look today and assess the damage. If it seems bad, I’ll migrate our work to an off-site location.

To those of you who have been nagging me about switching to a distributed VCS all this time.. well, yes, I guess this is a good use case- though to be honest, it’s the first time I’ve wanted one.

I’m pretty sure there are backups/etc. And indeed, we have all our working copies as backup, so, we are delayed, but not defeated!! muahahaha!

EDIT: Looks like Chris ( Perry ) reset the server and it’s back up again… no clue as to why it went down though.

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