Hello from Sofia / Bulgaria!
I’m here teaching at Tosmi two blender classes back to back, and having a great time. We had a great Siggraph experience, Jarred, Fateh and I spent many hours driving to the conference, hanging at the blender booth, meeting all the groovy blenderfolk (you know who you are!) and then midnight hacking on the teaser.
After returning back home, we had a scant few days to re-do some of the glitchy bits, make a ‘director’s cut’ teaser, render, and then rush out here to the EU before encoding it for your viewing pleasure.
Without further ado I present… the second teaser:

Credits go to Gianmichele (character animation) Jarred (massive amounts of textures, modelling, and matte painting), Jamal (modeling and materials), Jan (awesome music and mix), Thomas (awesome SFX), Colin Levy! (who kindly tweaked the comp on one of the shots at the blender booth), Kursad (texture painting) and Jean-Sebastian (modeling). Thanks to Chris, Fateh, and the folks at the animation meeting for the great feedback/ideas/critique. I did a little bit of everything, and am responsible for anything bad. (edit: can’t believe I didn’t mention redo’s awesome roach concepts)

Oh and finally, for the masochists: a high rez ogg video link : HD teaser2

PS: I’ve of course updated the media page with the second teaser.
EDIT: added .mp4 version to the video for safari users

  1. Hey! That looks awesome..!!!

    Congrats people.!!
    Piece of art!


  2. And there was much rejoicing!

  3. This is awsome, I can’t wait for the final result, It really looks greate 😀

  4. Good looking trailer. I love the scene with the paper flying up, great combination with the sounds and music as well. The timing is just spot on.

    I’m curious as to what the main character will look like. I’m going to download the HD version now, to take a better look at 0:26

  5. Radek :

    The tunnel’s theme is brilliant. Globally, it looks very good. I wish you success.

  6. POF :

    keep oooonnn!!!!!!!

  7. Ooh! Is difficult to me to don’t see the teaser. But as I say you before, I never see trailers, teaser or read synopsis of a movie that i want to see, I do this after I see the movie. However, is very good to know that you are progressing in this trail. Congratulations! 🙂

    Vaya! si que es dificil para mi no ver el teaser, pero como les dije antes, nunca veo trailers, teasers o leo sinopsis de una pelicula que quiero ver, esto lo hago despues de haberla visto. Como sea, es muy bueno saber que siguen avanzando. Felicitaciones! 🙂

  8. I love everything about it! I can’t wait to see the final film.

  9. simply… Wow!!

  10. It is just awesome ! 🙂

  11. very nice mood!.. elevator into the light, vegetation taking over the space, alive one discovering dead mate… mmm where do i remember this from.. 🙂

    this is just a teaser and you maybe know already and this is all pointless, but if you are using those roaches more on the movie, maybe animating them more insect like, instead of cartoon “bounce” like could be worth a thought..


  12. Basse, I have no idea! I’ve never seen a movie with this stuff in it before, might be a personal memory?
    na, nothing is pointless, always good to hear ideas/crits. In truth we didn’t have enough time to really plan the animation for the teaser, what you see is 5 hours work from a very talented guy (obviously not myself). The roaches have a very ‘human’ role in the movie though, so they might end up being more ‘pathetic’ than buglike.

    Oh, and thanks everybody for the nice comments 😀

  13. This is beautiful. The visuals are amazing. I love the music and sound design as well. Great work! Can’t wait to see more.

  14. Great Work!, simply awesome! and also good sound ambience!
    Congratulations and wating for more!

  15. Just fantastic. Finally Blender is being used for some serious animated art. Great work.

  16. Amazing work on the trailer 🙂 and ouf, the credits for my modelling aren’t necessary, I didn’t do much! lol Wish I could help more. Maybe in september when I finish school 🙂

  17. Mateus Stock :

    Looks Awsome!!
    Just subscribed RSS feeds… Hope to see more!

  18. v.v.b. :

    Looks great, but tunnel is TOO “ideal”. It’s absolutely straight, even without ugly seams on the walls, floor and ceiling. In real subway there are many ugly seams between sections of “tubes”.
    But the rest of trailer is GREAT! Good work!

  19. theriddle :

    unfortunatly,I was in holidays so I wasn’t able to use my internet connection…. I’ve watched the teaser just now and…. WOW!

    Like said precedently:GOOD,VERY GOOD WORK GUYS!!!

    And now,how long have I to wait before the movie relase?

    And Bassam,will you talk about tube at blender conference,maybe with a beatifoul sneak peek?

  20. I’ve liked it very much!

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  22. Absolutely fantastic visual. This is a great inspiration for the beginners like me.

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