Many of you have warned me that code I hastily threw up on and the like no longer exists; those pastes expire and leave a sad internet of broken links behind them.

I’ve decided to adopt the stop-solution of a couple of gitlab mega-repos to solve this. This’ll keep the code out there, and enable people to collaborate (all of it is GPL code)

blender addon experiments

Currently contains:

Floating Sliders

I highly recommend you do not use it! It’ll work on simple files (and even complex one) but it’s hopelessly slow, and really hacked on without good support in Blender. Forewarned is forearmed!

Rig UI (picker)

This is barebones but extremely promising – oddly, unlike the floating sliders, I don’t see any downside here. It is however, a proof of concept, and needs adapting to your own rigs (or fleshing out features)

Typewriter Text

It still works I think!

Text FX

I haven’t documented this anywhere – it basically supersedes typewriter text as it allows more effects such as counting up and down, blinking, etc. and allows combining them together. It’s stack based and pretty hard to understand (would be better as nodes) but it works and I’ve used it in production.

Tube Addons

Some of the addons we use for Wires for Empathy – mostly the more polished ones, or the ones that are not too project specific.


An object oriented crowd simulation and autowalking tool.

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