Adding rubberhose style control to a section of arm/leg is either not dynamic (just crank up the ease values on the bbones) or laborious (as in mancandy’s rig, with at least a lattice, curve, a bunch of extra bones and constraints, some modifiers, etc.)

I hadn’t planned on rubberhosing Gilgamesh, but one of the animators recently expressed that bending limbs ever so slightly can be used to enhance poses even on fairly realistic characters, so he would like the control. I whipped up a quick script/operator to do it, called Raymond Curver so now all I have to do is to select a bunch of verts, then select a bone I want to rubberhose, then run the operator. A quick demo below:

The script is going to be released soon, but it does depend on quite a bit of tube conventions and a bit of knowledge of our pipeline and scripts. This should improve after the project is over and I have time to generalize our tools.

  1. Cool! Really usefull!

  2. Armin :

    Cool script, I was browsing for someting like that, any news when you will release it?

  3. soon I hope. It’s definitely going to be released with the movie, however, I need to make some (small) changes: right now it looks for certain pieces of data that have to be present in the scene. Some of this needs to be generated by the script itself, and some can use a popup ui for prefs. After that it will be generic enough to use any scene. I just hardcoded because it was a way to get something working fast for us. stay tuned though- and it’s good to know that somebody will find it useful 🙂

  4. Armin :

    Hi again, can you just share a cylinder that is rigged with that script so I can study how it works and pick it apart?

  5. Hey Armin! It’s the same technique as on the Mancandy FAQ pretty much! just with more control points and controls.

  6. haha this is too cool! i’d like to play with it too, as soon as it’s released. can’t wait! i’m a big fan of the stretchy-fun of mancandy, so i can’t wait to try this out!

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