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Animation with substance. The crowd funds it, the crowd owns it.

Elephants Dream, the original open movie directed by Bassam Kurdali, proved it possible to make high quality 3D animated films using free/libre tools in a studio setting. The Tube Open Movie is a new experiment, this time in distributed collaboration — a love letter to free software and open culture that marks their convergence with independent filmmaking.

Tube is inspired by the Gilgamesh poem, which comes down to us as an incomplete, conflicting set of fragments and variations, the clay tablet remnants of more than a few ruined libraries. The epic centers on the Sumerian king that ruled in ancient Iraq, who for his tyranny the gods teach friendship and loss, and through them, the fear of his own death. In the end, the immortality he achieves is different to the one he first seeks. Nearly five thousand years later, Gilgamesh, a woman and a soldier, rushes into a station in pursuit of a paper blown about by the passing of trains. In an ever-accelerating vortex, her hero’s journey becomes the animation’s own frames.

The finished film and its mountain of data assets will be released under CC Attribution-ShareAlike, meaning that you can use them for anything — even commercial appropriation — at no charge, but you are required to allow others to reuse your work on the same terms.

Your support will enable us to complete a movie in which a passionate volunteer team has invested years of hard labor. We hope you will check it out and spread the word.

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