Hey this is malefico writing.

Bassam kindly invited me to write something about Plumiferos’ release happening this week. It might sound strange to read something about Plumiferos here but in fact it is not.

Some of us in the team, Bassam, Juan Angel and myself were part of the biggest film project done in Blender so far, and here’s the good news: it is finished. And it is showing in the theaters in Argentina as you read. The first Blender made feature film. Ever.

We are very proud of have been part of it 🙂

It was because of Plumiferos that I met Bassam, Juan and other wonderful people like Andy and VenomGFX. And for that I’m certainly grateful and happy.

Here’s Juan Angel writing…

I agree with Malefico, about learning from it… The best part of it, instead the experience, the learning (technical and human), and getting new knowledge and skills…

But the best part, as the Plumifero’s director (Daniel De Felippo) told me… was knowing those couple of amazing people… Malefico, Pico, Ivan, Diego, VenomGFX, Bassam!, Andy!, Daniel… and some others too…

Cheers… and some hugs… and here some pics !

  1. frist psot!
    Thanks for writing this, malefico and redo. It was a pleasure meeting you (and the rest of the crew of Plumiferos), I hope to do so again.
    In the meantime, I can enjoy working and talking with you over the internet.
    Big congratulations to the release of the movie- though it is not everything you had hoped for, it is still a huge accomplishment, It’s quite amazing that this movie got made with all the challenges in its path. Hopefully this is not the last, nor the best feature film we work on together.
    I’ll buy, beg, borrow, or steal a copy to watch, there is no way I can miss this movie.

  2. blenderman345 :

    One Word: Milestone.
    I will illegaly obtain this film.
    [c’mon guys, a secret open movie release,…. just for us…]

  3. Les deseo mucha suerte y espero ver pronto la pelicula 🙂

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