1. basse :

    wow.. that actually looks very cool!
    if you could get the same angled effect a bit on the front hair, it would be perfection.
    (but you knew i would say something like this)

    p.s. i love the character model. very _very_ nice design.


  2. Hey Basse! I’ve often wanted to use the weird effects that happen when you mess up in CG… wouldn’t quite fit here tho’ :/
    thanks for the compliment 🙂 and to our concepts artists and Dimetrii for making gilga gilga.

  3. Basse, we looked at this ‘glitch’ and immediately thought of you. And posting this image summons you like a djinni whose name is spoken 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments to our creature. I have the image of your guy pointing at his suit on my fedora background. He delights me every day. Hope you are well!

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