Fabulous concept artist Redo/Superbad/Juan Angel has been cranking away at Gilgamesh drawings, working towards nailing the final character design. In response to his fresh batch, the consensus, as far as I understand it, goes something like,

\m/_  ( ^ _ ^ )  _\m/

Clearly, we are excited to be getting so close.

The character’s development is part of a funny secret history of the Tube project that Bassam left out of his introduction. If challenged on its revisionism, being enamored of post-modern hijinks, Bassam will claim that the alternate history is entirely framed by the word “somehow” of his first post. Like Shahrazad, I promise to divulge the story nested there — tomorrow, so to speak — but I will need visual aids, a chalkboard and some mad cartoon science.

  1. This ought to be fun :)… I have no idea what you are going to say

  2. Hey!

    \m/_ ( ^ _ ^ ) _\m/



  3. A bit of a silent rebellion? ;p
    Anyway, looking forward to more news.

  4. Fateh’s revelation is coming !!! I can feel it in the air !! smells like Ozone !!!

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