Thanks for all the positive feedback we’re had on the demo video! Due to the interest shown I’ve started a documentation wiki and written a substantial amount of info about the less-than-obvious features that are included.  Its more of a technical reference so everyone working on our project knows how to use the generator than a straightforward tutorial.  If anyone is interested in writing/screencasting a tutorial I’d be happy to offer help when I can!  We’ve also released an example blend file with a simple setup.

UPDATE: Documentation Wiki and latest available script version for r31856 [Fri Sep 10 16:54:53 CEST 2010]

[UPDATE] While the blender python API is constantly changing I’ll try to keep track of which releases of the Mushroomer work with which releases of blender on the wiki. If you have trouble getting the script to work first check your console for any kind of python errors. If there are any post them here. Check the documentation on the wiki and see if you’re doing anything wrong, and we’ll have a look and see if the script’s broken again!

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