Hello world!

Since we’ve been so quiet it’s time for a little mini update of where we are at! Animation just started, with Jarred and Tal taking the lead, but we’ve got more shots/animators assigned, so I expect some speedup there.

Modelling is continuing – we’ve gotten to a ‘non blocking’ stage, but there is still more to do . We’ve also not yet gotten the final character model and rig yet, animators are working with a proxy.

We’re also 15 shots closer to finishing… because I just removed 15 shots from the animatic 😉 seriously, this is a big deal, and makes the first act almost (there are a couple of shots I’d like to change) completely ready for animation. Geppetto worked well (with a few edits for python api changes) and the changes took very little time. Oblig. Screenshot below:

See you all in 2011!

  1. “We’re also 15 shots closer to finishing… because I just removed 15 shots from the animatic.”
    That sure is a good and funny line for ending 2010 🙂

    Happy New Year tube team!

  2. baali :

    Wow, Glad to hear, “Geppetto worked well” 🙂
    Did you add the shell script part too? Or the refactored version. Hope changes made to make it working were not painful.

  3. Spencer Westwood :

    Is that a bit of custom code for creating the shot list (on the right in the screenshot) or is it publicly available?

  4. Hi Spencer, the shotlist is created by Geppetto, our preproduction management software. I can release it if you’d like, but fair warning: It’s heavily custom to a specific workflow, not really documented, and probably quite arcane to get working in any project.
    It also reflects an evolving design / understanding of the evolving blender api, probably would not be coded the same way if we had started now. We’ll probably rewrite it/ integrate it better into other tools (blenderaid, helga, or some other asset menager) when he project is over. I’d also like to code a ‘project wizard’ that sets up a new project with various tools, including SVN. That’ll take the guesswork out, but it will also have to wait post- tube.

  5. Hey Baali, I didn’t use the shell script part since I didn’t make new automated shots; the ones I added did not have animation (in the animatic) so only one image to export.

    I think I will keep geppetto ‘as-is’ for tube purposes, but I think a redesign is probably a good idea going forward, mainly for maintainablity and code quality, but also to re-examine how we are storing data, and also to integrate with external tools.
    I’ll probably start work on this project post tube, and it will include integrating blender with other things (svn, blenderaid, helga or other asset/project manager). any suggestion of what to call it?

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