layoutBefore going into animation, shots need to be layed out- cameras, set, props, positioning of characters and vehicles, etc. before we are ready to animate. Typically I will want to pose the character in the basic position for the shot, just to give an idea for the animator to start.

Of course, we are currently not ready for animation- we are missing too many models, and even don’t have a final blessed character concept- nonetheless, I decided to take an aproach that would not ‘block’ too much at these details, and to do basic layouts with a generic character, to be replaced with ‘the real’ rig once we have it done.

I started with Nathan’s excellent generic biped rig, and modified a little bit to make it roughly the right length (170cm by the scale of the project, instead of the default 2 meter giant 🙂 ) and also to suggest that the character is a female. If you want, here is the biped rig with our modifications, to use with the same terms Nathan has for his Biped rig.

  1. Olle Jonsson :

    Great Seeing progress here, cant wait to see some shots later on. Cant become anything but fantastic with this Crew!

  2. Thanks! more soon 🙂

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