Hello folks
Tube currently has 6 animators working on shots, with a few more to join if my blackmaiconvincing tactics work ;). Some of these talented folks are new to blender, some have even written books on the subject. To ease the pain of transition, I’ve been recording little video tutorials to help them get into the gilga rig as quickly as possible. I don’t see a reason to keep this stuff private, so I’m going to be publishing them on the blog for all to see. When the project is finished they might become part of the official documentation.

So now: Keying sets. Blender has this concept since 2.5, and the definitive explanation is found in joshua’s blog, here (btw his blog is a must-read for any blender animator). The general idea is that when you hit the keyframe insertion hotkey, or you have autokeying on, keys are adding into a ‘keying set’. the builtin ones work on selection, adding location/rotation/many more things in as desired (and you can add user defined builtins via python) while the user defined keying sets work on specific objects.

The cool thing is, with keying sets you can key things if you don’t even have them selected! this is awesome during the blocking of the anim, where you want to key everything. Helpfully, Blender provides a “Whole character” keying set, that keys everything on your entire character. Great, right? WRONG!!!!

It turns out this is a disaster. the whole character keying set has no idea how your rig is setup. It keys every transform and every property on every bone in the active armature. Meaning, bones that riggers never intended animators to touch, now have keys on them. In the best of cases messy, in the worst:as I said, a disaster.

So to save animator’s the hassle, I added the ‘gilgamesh’ keying set, with it’s own UI panel to add parts of the rig to the keying set or to remove them. How does it work? well, a day’s worth of python coding ;). So without further ado (I’m longwinded today) here’s the tutorial video on how to use them (btw, if you full screen these, you’ll get better quality):

  1. Howsit china πŸ™‚

  2. that was especially for you πŸ™‚

  3. humn,can’t find how to fullscreen πŸ™

  4. ah got it now. Very cool workflow. I wish keying sets worked in edit mode, tried to build keying sets for rotobezier and animall addons but it just wont work.. maybe it’s time to start pespering again

  5. ah, cool idea, would b nice for shapekey workflows also.

  6. btw, you can right click in the property sliders to add and remove them to the keying set. no coding needed on my part πŸ™‚