Echoing what Jamal said, this is probably the most exciting thing i’ve ever done. I’m highly impressed by Bassam’s use of Blender, and seeing that he can be distracted so easily we get to nag him on it all day long! What i’ve found most respectable, is his unbiased knowledge of 3d apps in general. He’ll compare on a deep level, advantages and disadvantages of Blender with respect to a multitude of 3d applications. This gives us a true-to-heart placement of Blender in the 3d industry, which is very relieving.

Jamal and I were thinking of using this perspective to address those on a similar level to us. So we can all get a practical viewpoint on Blender for those intending to make a living in the CG industry. Personally, I had been bitten by the Blender bug, and it resulted in studying animation. The predominant applications used during this study period was Maya and After Effects. We were paying a lot of money for the course, and so time was dedicated to learning as much as possible in those programs, which I believe was a very good thing. Nearing the end, when we were starting to look out for jobs, however, it created a ton of anxiety. How was one to successfully marry a passion for Blender with their livelihood in 3d? I didn’t have an approach to solving this. There were few studios who had Blender, and fewer you could learn from.

In steps financial crisis, along with graduation. Now we have serious anxiety. Even though we’re applying to 3d studios, there just isn’t any work. There was some relief here, I wasn’t the only one not finding work. The entire class couldn’t find work. Maybe this is a good opportunity to freelance in Blender? We don’t have experience yet, but at least it would be legal. In follows Tube, and i’ve ended up here, sitting next to Bassam (HOW cool is that!), being exposed to Blender in just such an environment.

It’s like a living dream. One through which we can share in some experience of hope. For other ‘interns’ in the same precarious boat, we’d like to take notes on what we learn here with Bassam. In order that we can all learn from them.

  1. OK that’s enough! now get back to work!!! 😉

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