At officially 1:27pm EST Saturday, we heard the BOOM that pushed us over the threshold to achieve real funding. Since Kickstarter pledges are not guaranteed until the target is met, it feels in a way like this is the real beginning. Looking back over the slog of reaching the production mid-point by keeping a low overhead, trading lots of favors and putting anything earned back into Tube, I can only say what a fine day indeed! Mega-thanks to our earliest supporters for their solidarity and incredible backing.

Tube is designed to scale with the resources we have. You can see from the project video that we are hard at work making the movie, in tandem with running its campaign — and we want the result to be amazing. Crucially, further funds will allow us to focus on Tube without interruption, give commissions to our valiant crew and make new hires. Budget permitting, Bassam made this sketch of what other passengers on the train might look like:

Tube characters

In the next few days we’ll post a video update about this week in production, showing some of the cool tools we’ve developed to help us (and you!). Let’s keep momentum building, and make this a totally awesome movie under the clock we’ve set ticking.

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