After a long battle with Blender, I came up with this hair using 9 particle systems (so far!) and using Curve-Guides to create the shape of the hair from the concept art:

For animation we can rig the curves using joints to create overlap with the hair, and perhaps we might be able to use sim also. Here’s an OpenGL preview:

  1. Jayraj :

    Cool work!!! Tube is coming along very well. All the very best u guys 🙂 .

  2. Beautiful! Will you be able to simply animate her pony tale?

  3. Wow, impresive hair, seems better than Sintel’s!

    Is there any option for this hair to be added to Blendswap, so we can study it?

    Anyhow, great work,
    Greetings from Tiquicia

  4. Very nice work! I try to learn how to make nice and believable hair in Blender right now, and I must say I’m struggling with it a lot and got not that good result as you did. While in Lightwave many years ago I made very good looking hair in no time just with Saslite (demo version of Sasquatch plugin). I know that Blender is very capable of many things, just some its techniques seems to be still a little weird. 🙁

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