I’m chuffed to announce the beginning of fateh’s traditional ‘Birthweek’ celebrations.. There will festivities, merriments, sweetmeats and the traditional “defenestration of the salmon” in honor of the glorious occasion. It is said that on the day of her birth, miracles happened: the blind became sighted, new stars appeared in the heavens and processed cheese turned to the finest cheddar.
So happy birthday, and thanks for saving the story (among other things)

  1. By the way Jarred, I really like the “H”

  2. Too late to the party as usual, but yeah, what he said. Happy birthday Fateh!

  3. Stoyan :

    Ohoooo, Happy birthday from me Fateh!!!
    Keep smiling ,make Bassam happy!


  4. Hi Stoyan! she smiles sometimes, but I have to come up with new jokes )

  5. Luciano :

    Hey!!!, happy belated bday fateh!!!! (i’m assuming she reads this blog too) too bad i’m not close enough to give u a happy bday hugh, but anyhow, i hope you had a wonder-fantasti-ful birthweek party, i myself been working a lot, and had my cousins bday + my country’s one wich is always a lot of fun, dancing and food. 😀
    take care and, keep in touch!!!

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