Hi folks,

Tube will be on slight slowdown the next couple of weeks, as the local team goes on various hiatus(es? ii? hmmm) . I’ll be in Sofia Bulgaria, teaching with some standup talented Blenderheads at TOSMI (Training in Open Source Multimedia Instruments – in a word: Blender) sponsered/ ran by interspace.

Becky is taking a week break from drawing- right now we’re four shots short of our summer goal of finishing a draft of the new animatic- and visiting friends in NYC. Fateh, Josh and Henri are vacationing in Boston, Block Island, and NYC for a few days, then back to the studio.

I’ll be still working on Tube part time, via IRC , email and Helga. Expect some rigging goodies soon!

  1. Wait WTF? Did you say sofia, bulgaria? That’s 60km from my house, and I thought there were no blenderheads in a radius of 500km

  2. terpentina :

    oooo, there are a lotttt of them, trust me.

  3. yup, many bulgarians are attending the class as well as people from other countries. It’s quite nice, great people and atmosphere (and some of the students are better than the trainers 😉 )

  4. and I’m one of the lucky ones who can certify that Bassam is also an awesome teacher 🙂
    Ty for the great time, patience and teaching skills

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