Hi folks, this is a 30 minute explanation of the main rig features, intended for new and continuing animators on the project. It has pretty bad audio (recorded on my phone, with lots of noise and uhms and aahs) and also has been shrunk and compressed quite mercilessly. That being said, it just explains the various features of the rig to be handy for our animators.

I didn’t see any reason not to make this public, so I’m putting it on the main blog:

You can download here: mp4, ogg, or webm in case the in-browser thing doesn’t work.

  1. Are you not using that headphone as a mic anymore? hehe ^^

  2. no, I used the n900 on the table, picked up quite a bit of noise, and gave a weird echo-y effect.
    The headphone was better!

  3. daa :

    Anything about hair animation?

  4. do u have an idea if the animation channles/groups in the action editor are going to be implemented back?
    now that she have so much controls, could be very usefull

    regarding hair, could be nice to test the new spring constraint for it (available only in certain builds)

  5. yes,I think they are, at least, aligorith is working in that area right now.

  6. Clayton Walker :

    Hm, am I missing something, or is the rig not up for download?

    I just assumed from the title it sounded like the rig was being given away…

  7. hey Clayton,
    all will be up for download at the release of the movie.
    ‘animators’ in the title referred to animators on tube, this was originally a private post.
    You wouldn’t want the rig in it’s current form anyway, there’s a lot it’s missing, that we’ll be fixing/adding during production

  8. Clayton Walker :

    Ah, I see.
    Either way, I can’t wait to see the final product and the project files behind them.

    Good luck!

  9. jay :

    This looks amazing, I really want to play with that face rig…

  10. Numarul7 :

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