We’ve been working on some fluid sims to try and achieve some interesting effects for the film.

Here are some of the results…

The technique for Mancandy is to use him as a control object. Deforming modifiers are applied above the fluid-sim modifier, it seems to work well. The fluid comes from a duplicated version of mancandy, in the pose from frame1, without any of the deformers of course. Mancandy had to be made manifold, as control objects will not work otherwise (Suzanne won’t work either in her default state). The control object doesn’t seem to like shape keys though, which are removed from mancandy. The AttractionForce Strength was set at 0.2, and animated to 0 from frame 88.

This is a test with Spheres animated in a funky way, they are sphere meshes under the same object, as it takes aaaaagggesss to bake anything with more than one control object, it seems.

This is similar to the above. The control object here is skinned to an armature, there is a bone using one of Bassam’s nifty magnet scripts.

This is slightly less interesting, it has a curve deformer on a mesh which is whipping around.

  1. Wow! Impressive!

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