Since Dimetrii just posted his eye material and texture, I thought I’d show this quickie test of the eye rig – missing such things as eyebrows, eyelashes and that insane little membrane on the inside corner by the tear duct.

The rig features two directional controls, a track-target and an on-face widget, that can be used separately or together, a pupil dilator, controllable eyelids that mimic muscle motion but also have a limited vertical track with the eyeball, and an even more limited horizontal one, and a deformational lattice that allows the non-spherical eye to ‘push’ the skin around it. I may add a shrinkwrap to the inner eyelid to make sure it stays on the surface.

Finally, I’d like to thank everybody who, in an idle moment, took a video camera to their eye and posted it on youtube. Viva la crowd-sourced reference!

  1. Awesome deformations! It shows why you’re a Master rigger since the beginning!
    I’m missing if this rig might be available for download, or if you’re planning to do something like Mancandy 2.57 xD with the GUI scripts and everything! that would be insane! xD
    Great work! Keep it up! xD

  2. snot_nose :

    Can’t wait to get my hands on her πŸ™‚
    keep updating, looks awesome

  3. Thanks Tal, sorry for delays! I’m going to publish this this weekend- I’m sure there will be many bugs!

  4. Ernesto, we’re planing some kind of making of/ tutorial combo at the end of the project. Expect also that a refined version of this rig will make it into the next mancandy, with accompanying tutorials.
    Thanks for the support )

  5. Amazing rig, Bassam. The deformations look so fluid and natural. If you don’t mind me asking; what are the circular controls found on his cheeks and lips? Are those lattice controllers?

    I’m really looking forward on getting my hands on the char and rig. Will it be released to the public, Bassam?

    Fantastic job, as always. I still can’t forget your two-legged robot animation and rig, it stills blows me away. πŸ˜‰


  6. wow, thanks Reynante,
    those are the face conrtrols, part of the rig. They drive sometimes a lattice, but sometimes a combo of lattice/hook/warp/mesh deform/armature /shape/smooth/displace/etc. πŸ™‚

    Everything will be released as CC BY by the end of production.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚