Today was the first day of the season that we cycled into the studio. It’s magnificent taking the bike path during Spring and Summer, as the area is covered in forests and farmlands, and is a very inspiring way to start the day. Well energized, we’re back at boarding for myself and Pablo, while Bassam continues with the animatic and Fateh works on the script and schedule. We leave you with some photos of the cycling route during the Summer.

  1. Mmmm that looks so green. Still, it was a perfect day today, even without leaves.

  2. Jamal :

    i love that trail! i want go with you guys on a ride sometime. how far does the North Hampton trail go?

  3. Hey Jamal, it goes all the way to Belchertown, and depending on which roue you take, up to florence
    we’re gonna be biking as soon as we hit good weather, I’ll give you a call ahead of time )

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