Made a test from  Bassam’s tutorial on using cycles and internal together. The result is not terrible, but not perfect. Used another model cause cycles crashes during render (too many objects) and doesn’t work with multiple UV layers like internal does.  Cycles is good to use but it has a lot of limits so far. 🙁    Not suitable for animation yet – too slow and crashes often.  Maybe for statics and interiors. Difficult to work with lights – it seems only be possible to change intensity. Internal also has problems with SSS : for instance, no shadows in ShadowPass. Anyway we won’t use cycles for characters yet, maybe for environments. Now to make some more tests! I’m looking forward for further developments in cycles.

Note from Bassam: If this is Dimetrii’s ‘not perfect’ result, I think his perfect one would give me a heart attack 🙂 brilliant as usual.

  1. abhifx :

    hi! nice results. can you post the skin material for internal render?

  2. EnV :

    Not perfect? Oh well… looks very very good, both model and shader.

  3. Hi Enrico, remember, Dimetrii is a perfectionist… and he’s great 🙂
    Lighting in the movie will vary a lot per shot, so we expect to have to tweak occasionally.

  4. Lee :

    You actually can use multiple UV maps in Cycles! Instead of using the geometry node, use an attribute, and plug in the name of your UV map. Then mix as you wish!

  5. Lee :

    Lighting can manipulated by nodes in the node-editor, too, and you can change color (as well as the aforementioned intensity) that way, too. I haven’t played around too much with lights, but I’ve plugged textures in for a sunlight dapple affect.

    I’m afraid I agree with the rest, but they also aren’t my forte.

  6. This is a really old post! It wasn’t possible back then 🙂

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