On a long term/distributed project, there’s often a flux of new, leaving and returning artists. Here’s a quick list of who’s active right now (In addition to me, who’s doing a little bit of everything and a lot of some things):

Producers + project management:

  • Fateh Slavitskaya and Elizabeth Ellis powering along.


  • Chris Bishop is our animation supervisor, an amazing animator and teacher- well suited to the role of supervisor.
  • Jarred de Beer (previously an intern) is still animating like mad, working on 2/3 of the most difficult shots in the first act.
  • Virgillio Vasconcelos Animator, professor and author from Brazil- really great, and great to work with.
  • Tal Hershkovich is doing lots of roach sim and animation.
  • Carlo Serra Summer intern who’s working on a nice action-y shot.
  • Sarah Laufer Mad talented animator! She’s tackling a very challenging shot.
  • Francesco Siddi (previously a modeller/intern) and recent blenderwiki developer.
  • Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego who I met at TOSMI and is a great animator and all around fun guy.


  • Dimetrii Kalinin (One of the nastiest modellers I’ve seen) – he’s backed up by his brother Michael, great concept/2D artist and animator.


  • Thomas Vecchione is currently doing temp sound for the animatic;
  • Jan Morgenstern will then evaluate the result, looking for music opportunities – the two will collaborate on the final sound mix (Thomas = SFX, Jan = Music)

Fall interns:

  • Samantha Luo : Samantha is a UMASS student with good Blender chops: 3D Generalist
  • Andreu Cabre: Another Blenderhead, Andreu is trained in graphic design, and self taught in 3D: 3D Generalist with a focus on pipeline issues.
  • Roberto Roch: Our other nasty sculptor/modeller, Roberto will be working on polishing assets to get final models in shots.
  • Karen Webb: Our only animation intern, she’s new (ish) to Blender but a fast learner
  • Samah Majadla: Mt. Holyoke College student and lighter from Caldera,  3D Generalist on Tube
  • Christine Stuckart: recent grad, recent Caldera intern, like Samah she is starting as 3D Generalist with no prior Blender experience.
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