Sorry for the lack of Updates, things have been a bit hectic. Will return to Tube news soon. In the meantime, I updated the copy menu script to the Blender 2.5 Add-on system. To install, download the script, and extract it. Go to File->User Preferences->AddOns, Press Install new addon, browse to where you extractedit and select it. Then press ‘enable add-on’ next to the new ‘3D View: Copy Menu’ Add on. I’ve uploaded this to the Python contribution tracker, so it has a slim chance of being an official part of Blender.
EDIT: you can now download directly form blender-extensions SVN, and it will always be up to date

CTRL-C now gives you the copy active to selected menu. Don’t forget to save user preferences if you want to keep it enabled!

  1. RH2 :

    Still hoping for a ctrl-c ctrl-v behavior 🙂

    especially for modifiers, actuators, controllers, sensors…

    where it copies and pastes additively and without the need for other objects.

  2. Thanks, Bassam, I have been wishing for this to go back to Blender and now it is here, thanks to you. ^_^


  3. Thanks you!

  4. RH2, i don’t really know what the final ui options will be, I think right now devs are focusing on bugs, final ui is bit later. this script is just a ‘stopgap’ likely there will be much better ways 🙂
    future of blender looking pretty rosy !

  5. oh, and thanks for the comments 🙂

  6. thanks, can you please add physics / game properties copy paste thing.
    i have few hundred dominos, don’t want to set mass manually… please let me know, what other possibility is for same task..( by replying here ), thanks again..

  7. Yep, I’m pretty sure adding mass is not too hard, will have a look

  8. thanks, i’ll wait happily. hopefully, when u say mass, it means ability to copy paste all other physics / game properties…(and logic bricks)

    btw: just noticed that 2.53, 3d view >> object menu>> has settings for logic bricks and physics properties copy menu, but for some reason, its not working for me..

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