Jarred, Fateh and I just got back (by car) from Siggraph/New Orleans. We had a great time meeting CG and Blender people, including tube contributors Jason, Sam, Martin and others. Still exhausted from the drive and with a lot of catchup to do.
We finished the teaser and showed it on the exhibition floor; however, 4 a.m comps and renders deserve a second going, I’ll be making a ‘director’s cut’ before posting it online.
So, be expecting posts about siggraph, the teaser, and rigamarule updates coming soon.

  1. theriddle :

    Yeah! I want to see this beatifoul work!!!

  2. POF :

    cant’ wait for that!

  3. Always is good to have news about you guys.
    I’ll be waiting until the end 🙂

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