BREAKING NEWS! Chris Monson and teldredge posted working versions!( bdancer also, but the link didn’t work ) Thanks to all of you, send me your name as you would like it to appear in credits. Thanks to everyone else with help and suggestions.

Hey folks. a while back Josh Wedlake wrote a script for autowalking, which we would need to put together crowd scenes of cockroaches in the subway. The time has come where we’re actually doing the animation parts, but unfortunately, massive changes to the API have rendered the script non-functional. Josh is currently deep into his graduation animation project, and I’m swamped with many tasks, rendering the time for understanding and fixing the script out of my reach for the moment.
Tal came up with the idea of putting out a public call instead of a in-list internal one, since the script is pretty self-contained. Most of the incompatibilities stem from changes to mathutils. I’ve made a stab at fixing things, but there’s a lot left, and it’s possible I’ve done the wrong thing, since I don’t fully understand his code 😉 so script still doesn’t work. If you’re game download the .blend and give it a go! as a bonus, you’ll get a (mostly) walking (get it?) autowalker, and your name in the credits. Download here.

  1. NRK :

    I’ll have a look at it, I’m no guru, so no promises. Give me a couple days.

  2. Thanks NRK! make sure you post your results and/or findings here, so even if you don’t finish all the way, others can pick it up from there. 😀

  3. I really didn’t do much at all to the code and I don’t know what the workflow is but it’s to where you can make a bunch of empties and give them loc keyframes and the script will generate a spider that walks for each empty. Is that what you need it to do? The demo video shows a lot of flocking behavior that I’m not sure how to do but the ‘auto-walking’ seems to work. Here is an edited blend with a few more spiders.

  4. Hey,

    I’ll give it a shot 🙂 I’m more of a game programmer, but if its just api changes, it shouldnt be a problem.

  5. Zecc :

    Shouldn’t you mention what the intended target Blender version is?

  6. Zecc :

    Shouldn’t you mention what the intended target Blender version is? Should we assume it’s the latest (2.58a)?

  7. Vector :
  8. Hi Bassam,
    Try this – seems to work for me:

  9. Not sure that the results are as they should be, but it doesn’t fail at least =)

  10. Chris Monson :

    Hey I think I’ve got it fixed for you, I changed the normalize() calls to normalized() and removed a block of code that was causing issues (and seemed unnecessary). It all seems to work just peachy now.

    code is available at

  11. Thanks folks! you are all awesome. Testing your changes right now :DDD

  12. NRK :

    So I woke up this morning, planning to work on it, had just figured out to select the empties with custom properties and run the script, got errors to pop up, and … luckily checked blender nation to find you guys are all over it… oh well, still learning a lot from the script… tried Chris Monson’s fix and it works in 2.58… best wishes. Thanks for posting this bassam, I will probably use this script for other stuff if you don’t mind.

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