Missing in current builds of blender 2.5 is the venerable ctrl-c ‘Copy Attributes’ menu, that copies attributes from active to selected objects (or bones in pose mode). Partially because I miss the functionality, and partially to start learning the new (awesome!) py api, I took some time to try bringing the menu back, both for pose mode and edit mode. The result can be seen here:

copy menu in blender 2.5

Missing some options (I'm lazy)

It was remarkably simple to add, just a couple of operators (one for the object mode, one for the pose mode) and a couple of menus to call the operator with the right option. I’m sure a bit more familiarity with the API could result in even less code for this. You can download the script here , save it in your scripts folder, then make the following changes to your keymap:

You need to bind ctrl-c to invoke two seperate menus, one for object and one for pose mode

add a new hotkey and bind to ctrl-c for the object mode menu

pose already has ctrl-c bound, just rebind it to the menu

The script is licensed under the GNU GPL V2 or higher, feel free to change it, use it, etc. etc…
thanks to crouch and Loolarge for python examples on blenderartists.org, and thanks to ideasman42 for help and documentation of the api (and in a big part creating it)

  1. I just fixed some broken links, thanks to pablo (venomgfx) for poking me.

  2. Very nice script Bassam!
    It should be included in the official trunk 🙂
    Saved my afternoon

  3. still works? cool!
    I’ll see if I have time this weekend to bring back the rest of the items on the menu then.

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