Hey folks, just a quick update here- some of you may have noticed spammy google chaches for the site, and some nasty redirects on non existent pages. It appears spammers somehow managed to modify some  files, resulting in spam pages depending on the useragent (which is why google cache shows the spam but browsers don’t). We’ve found the offending files, changed passwords, locked down access, reinstalled wp, etc. and think that we have cleaned up. I don’t think there was any payload in form of viruses or trojans to PCs browsing the site. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and a close eye to make sure things are back to normal.

I suppose it could have been worse. If you do find anything suspicious, please let us know.

  1. Mike Stramba :

    Is that why the link to manCandy is pointing to the blog page (that I’m commmenting on? ) :

  2. No I think that we messed up our own site! Mancandy will be back soon appropriately.

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