Sometimes after Bassam gives a workshop or talk, we get sad notes saying “I wish I knew! I wish I’d been there!”

So I am posting this one super early, to cast the word far and wide:

Bassam will offer a Blender workshop at the upcoming Libre Planet Boston! He plans to make it interesting for beginning to intermediate users, with his talk touching on the distributed production pipeline and some cool peeks at Tube.

Libre Planet is a very nice conference series, and the nearby Cambridge/Boston event affords us the pleasure of meeting interweb friends in person, as well as making lots of new ones. What’s more, Libre Planet supports the work of the Free Software Foundation.

Look for Libre Planet Boston this March 23-24, with some events tentatively planned for Friday, March 22. More on the precise schedule as it develops.

Let us know if we’ll be seeing you there!

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