Sorry for the long hiatus! Work happened, but rest assured the project is still going strong. Plenty of stuff has been going on behind the scenes, and I’ll have updates, new members, and more up soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be going to Amsterdam for Blender conference tomorrow! There will be a tube presentation on Sunday at three thirty in the Salon, I hope to see some of you there. I’ll be demoing rig/ scripting work, our summer and current interns (not all of them) will be there, and I will be recruiting interested Blenderheads to the project.

If you read this and you are coming, comment below and we can have a beer/chat/snack at the conference. See you in Amsterdam!

  1. I’ll see you there 🙂 and also have a couple of news/invitation that might interest you (this is the teaser eh eh eh)

  2. heh, will be great to see you! there are a bunch of tosmi folks there (Miro, Sebastian from the second course and Luciano, possibly others) will be a good get-together
    Sadly our presentations are at the same time so we’ll miss each other… maybe I’ll just skip mine and come over 😉

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