Our weekly revision of our Linux and Mac Blender 2.5 builds are up. We ran into some issues with the Windows 7 version, so we will have to wait on that, as we have other modeling priorities to work on. But go ahead and enjoy the current builds we have up in the downloads section.

  1. Some nice goodies in this build including the new ray trace optimizations and an initial commit of deep shadow buffers, oh, and I think keymaps are savable now.

  2. Conor :

    Is the osx build 64 or 32 bit?

  3. Jamal :

    This is the 32 bit. As far as I know, there isn’t a 64 bit version available.

  4. Michele :

    When do you think a 64 bit build will be available for Windows7? We just bought a new, robust computer, but it’s worthless if it can’t utilize Blender.

  5. well, you can check graphicall, I’m sure they have something? un?fortunately, none of us have windows 7, at least who are building. If a team member wants to make a build I’ll post it here.

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