I mentioned we were contemplating a switch to 2.5 ( we are experimentally using 2.5 right now with minor ‘dips’ back in 2.49) in a previous post. We thought it would be fun to show some of our ‘versus’ tests until we stick with one or the other. First up: Bump mapping. We used the exact same .blend file in both versions, no cheating.

The .blend is here

  1. it is hands down on that test.

    2.5: 1
    2.49: 0

  2. Oh wow! That is indeed a HUGE difference! Thanks for letting us know, bassam.


  3. Brandon Phoenix :

    Wow, that looks absolutely gorgeous. Is this exclusive to bump, or does it carry to normal as well?


  4. Guauu! impresinante
    wow! Impressive

  5. I can’t wait for the 2.5 either, seeing this 🙂

  6. Finally blender render bump map in the good way!

  7. Indeed! big thanks (I think) go to eeshlo, for implementing it.

  8. Brandon: good question! will have to test this )
    but I suspect the answer is ‘yes’ since the procedurals might be doing normal mapping anyway? not sure on this. We just used basic blender clouds.

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