Here are some of the simple props we’ve been working on. There is a reason we have so many different styles of benches. One reason is that train stations that evolve over time accumulate many different styles of furniture and decorations. Hence we have four different bench styles so far and some other different style props. They have no materials yet, only some stand in colors.

[nggallery id=8]

  1. What a great initiative, doing an open source film. Good thing other people, besides the Blender people, are doing this. I’m curious about the story.
    Good luck. I’ll check up with you guys every now and then.

  2. Erik :

    Oops. I’ve been looking at the team. I guess y’ all specify as Blender people!

  3. Well, us two interns were mainly Maya people before working on this project, but since then have really fallen in love with the Blender interface and workflow. So we do have diverse backgrounds, but all of us are working with Blender with this project. And in fact, I will probably be doing my B.F.A. thesis mainly in Blender next year.

  4. Nice artwork, bench-old,middle,newest benches look to have a Bauhaus influence!
    Good luck w/ the thesis

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