Первие наброски второстепенных персонажеи. Они стилизованы под главного персонажа, что бы все выглядело четко.Пока толко скульптура, возмозно их будем переделывать.
Так же в процессе другие персонажи.


These are first drafts of secondary characters in subway station. They are stilyzed to match the main character. Only sculptures now so we may change them.
Other characters are under construction. Concepts are by Michael Kalinin, Modeling by me (Dimetrii). These characters will have only slight animation and simple rigs.

  1. Amazing work. Keep it up! 😀

  2. They look great. A tatoo would look good on vest guy, or greenshirt, if it would be visible in a shot. 🙂

  3. Jayraj :

    Pretty cool update… Nice sculpts. Do you use blender only or Zbrush??

  4. Dimetrii :

    Only Sculptris.

  5. Milad Thaha :

    Brilliant sculpts! How did you add the materials- did you retopo in Blender? Cause I see Sculptris triangulates most of the mesh, making it hard to UV.

  6. Giovanni Lanfiuti Baldi :

    Beautiful sculptures! I remember some skecthes you posted some time ago… They looked a little less realistic; however those are good too!
    Good work!

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