Just a very quick post to share some speed-ups we’re using in the studio.  Some of you may have noticed that blender 2.5’s UI is missing its bevel weight options from 2.49.  Luckily all the bevel weights are editable in python.  We’ve coded this quick add-on to bring back the missing functionality (which you can install from the user preferences add-on tab [remember to enable it] or run from a blender text window).

EDIT: Updated yet again for 2.55 (thanks for the comments below – sorry for sluggishness on my part!)


After you’ve installed the add-on tab into edit mode and hit spacebar and type ‘Bevel’ and you’ll see the three functions.  Remember to add a bevel modifier and set it to ‘weights’ mode.

We’ve also been using Richard Olsson’s Batch Renamer to help keep scenes organised.  If you add a custom keybinding to it then there’s no more copying and pasting into the buttons window.

That’s all for now,  I’ll blog again soon with some of the models I’ve been working on!


Edit: Nathan Letwory (AKA Jesterking) made a nice tutorial video about this on youtube:

  1. Mike :


  2. I’m glad I could help you with getting this going 🙂 Nasty report() bug though.

  3. Thanks for the bughunting and the video Nathan!

  4. dsp_418 :

    This is really useful!! thank you guys!

  5. HI,

    Installed the addon and it work excellently 🙂

    I was just wondering though for Bevel Weight values, should it not be clamped to be between 0 and 1. Or will allowing the higher range allow other features?

  6. Blenderificus :

    awesome work on this modifier(and implementation)! Thank you for sharing

  7. TorQ :

    Has anyone tried this script with the latest trunk graphicall builds? I can’t seem to get it working…

  8. josh :

    Terry – I’ve put a clamp on the values – thanks for pointing it out
    TorQ – I’ve now fixed it, see: http://tube.freefac.org/post/edge-tools-expanded

  9. […] pode ser executada diretamente da janela de texto do software também. O script pode ser copiado de maneira gratuita nesse endereço, e abaixo podemos conferir um vídeo que mostra o funcionamento do Bevel Weight no Blender […]

  10. […] the Bevel Weight is available in Blender 2.53, but we can only reach it using Python. The guys from project Tube posted a Python script that work as an addon for Blender 2.53 and call the Bevel Weight tool. The video below shows how to […]

  11. Warwick :

    Thanks for the update… but now it doesn’t work with the available beta, only svn. Still got the old one lying around?

  12. neodelphi :

    Hi, to make the script work in the latest available beta, just replace “manager” on line 46 by “window_manager”. Worked for me.

  13. neodelphi :

    … and also replace any occurent of “mesh_selection_mode” by “mesh_select_mode”.

  14. Kl3ist :

    I can’t select it on the latest beta (2.56) the script has been modified since the two last posts so I tried to set it back to the previous state but didn’t fix the problem…

  15. Kl3ist hang in there, we’re going to change our organization of scripts so they are more easily accessible to people outside the project, and to make it easy for us to give svn write access to trusted people, which should make it smoother for keeping things working with current SVN.

  16. “Edit: Nathan Letwory (AKA Jesterking) made a nice tutorial video about this on youtube:”

    I don’t see the Youtube link.

  17. KineticEgg :

    Just wondering if there has been an update/Quick fix to the ‘Edge Tools’ Addon so it works with 2.56? Quite a must for those doing a bit of Architectural work within Blender.

    current PasteAll version shows up but un-selectable

    Currently using Linux build of Blender r35121 from Graphicall


  18. KineticEgg :

    Sat down just now and had a go at fixing the Edge Tool so it would work with the build of Blender I am using. I know quite a bit of python but not familiar with blenders API. Have fixed it though 😉 enjoy

    For those who are using Blender build r35121 >


  19. KineticEgg :

    Now at version 0.7

    For Blender GraphicAll r35121 onwards


  20. silvercanary :

    can ne1 briefly tell (me) noobs what to do with this script pls? 🙂

  21. silvercanary: it allows you for each animated empty to have a walking “cockroach”

  22. […] of edges. But, how can we use the Bevel Weight in Blender 2.5? There is an App Add-on for that! If you visit this page, you will find the script that will give you access to the Bevel Weight property. An updated […]

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