Hi everyone,

I am Becky!!!!!    I am a Hampshire College student and I come from Guangzhou, China. My first summer in the States is actually pretty cool! We work hard during the day, but also hang out after work: movies, “swimming”, parties, and frozen yogurt of course.  😀

Since the beginning of summer, I’ve been working on some concept art and animatics . It is exciting to experience how initial ideas develop to fruition, which includes lots of contribution from different intellectuals. For quite a while, we have been tweaking our main character Gilgamesh’ s model sheet, to make it awesome for 3D modeling. I also have been working on Gilgamesh’s clothing design with Fateh and Redo(from Argentina)!   So finally, here we go! Check out our Gilgamesh. 😛

And, here are some of the animatics that I have been working on lately.

And Soon we will be moving on to creating the animatics for time lapse sequences and other concepts. Yay!

So hot today,I almost melted.   o_O||

So, stay cool, guys!!    😛

Bye !!!!

  1. Jim :

    Wow, Looks great. She’s really coming to life. What a team! Don’t forget to save some time for frozen-bubble practice. 🙂

  2. becky :

    haha…i practice once a while. we should play online.!!!

  3. Some of don’t need practice, we’re just that good.

  4. David :

    Sweet! This looks amazing. Looking forwarding to seeing it sometime.

  5. Anonymous Coward :

    I’m so gonna to model that…

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