Sad day on Friday saying goodbye to Dimetrii, who just finished his 3 month internship and is returning home- but not leaving the project, as he will stay on through the animation and lighting/compositing phases.

Dimetrii took some modelling by Jonathan and Kursad and myself as concept art, and then created amazing sculpted iterations and then the final meshes for the film. He did this for Gilgamesh and two of the cockroaches, then did the necessary R+D to build Gilgamesh’s hairstyle with Blender’s sometimes stubborn particle hair. He did render-tests in Blender Internal and cycles, some of which have been posted on this log. He’s an amazing modeller, probably the best or among the best that I’ve known. Happily he’ll continue to work on the project from home, and we can have a reunion at the blender conference.

  1. Goodbye Dimetrii!
    Congrats on your awesome work!

  2. Goodbye! your work on gilga’s hair is awesome!

    …and I love the photo which goes with this post! looking forward to a tube reunion/meetup at bconf.

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